That Monitor Could Use A Cleaning

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Clean MeIt’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post, but I had to take the time to post this item that is crucial for pretty much everybody these days.  DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use a normal household cleaner (i.e. Windex or Fantastic) on your computer monitor, plasma, LCD or LED screen!

Here’s the scenario:  You’re sitting at your desk working away and you suddenly realize you’ve eaten way too many Drake’s Coffee Cakes at your desk without as much as wiping away the crumbs.  You immediately jump into action and run to grab a large roll of paper towels and some Fantastic.  You wipe down the entire desk and it looks a million times better and you’re about to walk away with a feeling of accomplishment.  However, out of the side of your line of vision you glance at your computer monitor and realize that your job is far from over.  STOP!! If you take that Fantastic and paper towel to your monitor your might as well call it a day right there because you’re not getting any work done through that cloudy monitor.  

Attached is an informative article from about the proper way to accomplish this deceptively tricky task.

Of course, you can do this yourself.  However, when in doubt leave it to the professionals!