Carpet & Floor Cleaning

Spotless Carpet & Floor Cleaning Service

At Spotless we clean residential and commercial spaces from top to bottom. That includes bringing life back to every type of floor surface.

Hardwood floors

We provide a full range of hardwood flooring options.  Our floor crews can sand/stain and apply polyurethane to your hardwood floors.  If your floors just need more of a touch up we can clean/seal/buff and wax your floors

Tile floors

We provide services for all types of tiles floors.  We have experience with ceramic, VCT, terrazzo, marble, etc.  Depending upon the condition of the floors we have the ability to strip and reseal your floors or just provide a basic cleaning

Concrete floors

Our floor crews can take dull, dirty concrete floors and provide a deep cleaning, followed by a sealant and a buff and totally restore the floor.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

We have effective methods of removing dirt and stains from carpets, areas rugs and furniture.  Whether you have a small area rug or thousands of square feet of carpet in a large office, we’re well equipped to properly clean deodorize you’re your floor covering.  Couches, chairs, curtains?  No problem, we can remove dirt, stains and odors quickly and effectively